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Artist Biography

Karyn Tobin grew up in Tenino, Washington and began her early dance training at Johansen’s Olympia Dance Center, in Olympia, WA where she studied ballet, Horton, and jazz. She was a company member of Ballet Northwest, co-directed by Ken and Josie Johnson, from 2008 to 2014. She performed in many classical ballet productions and contemporary works including choreography by Iyun Ashani Harrison and Laney Engelhard.


Karyn graduated from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA with a BFA in Dance, Magna Cum Laude, in May 2017 from the Accelerated Degree Program. While studying at Cornish, she had the opportunity to perform in works by Pat Hon, Gérard Théorêt, Kiyon Gaines Ross, Tinka Gutrick-Dailey, and Marie Chong. 


After graduating from Cornish, Karyn had the opportunity to work with Christin Call (co-artistic director of Coriolis Dance), 3rd Shift Dance, HYPERNOVA Contemporary Dance Company and the Guild Dance Company. 


Karyn works as a freelance contemporary dance artist, guest teaches, and generates choreographic work.


Devin Marie Muñoz Photography

Artist Statement


I search for distorted movement within delineated shapes.


I strive for the controlled stretch of the human body; salt water taffy limbs.


I express what is unspeakable through a spiral of muscle and drape of the skeleton.


I exert adrenaline and reflect light from glistening sweat.


I push onward to new heights of expression.


I dream of classical and contemporary forms twining together; a ribbon of motion.


I love the past and hunger for the present.


I search for complete abandon encompassed in a wrapping of complete control.


I devote myself to a life of athleticism and artistry.

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